Chapter 1

The Return

In the rings of Saturn a Sapian space station waits. Waiting to give the command to proceed with the final docking of two mother-ships. The massive crafts slowly make their way to dock, connect or smelten with the space station, Zeusiam. The rings are colorful and the many small space stones seem to have no effect on the station. They melt away as they hit the surface. Saturn is large and the many gases are glimmering when viewed from the station. The mother-ships are very large; about the size of a small town and over one mile long. The station is more than twenty miles long and can accommodate over ten thousand Sapian. There are one thousand Sapian aboard each mother-ship. There’s only two families, or Credans, returning to play this round of their beloved game. Two-thousand is the approximate number of Sapian for each Credan. There are thirteen Credans total. There’s a small group of representatives from each of the Credans present just to watch the game. They are returning to Zeusiam to play Pyramista. There’s a total of thirteen space stations, one for each Credan. Each station is named after the main Credan that occupies the station. The host Credan this time are the Zeus. Every station is in a Solar System near a planet that is playing Pyramista and this time the planet is Earth. Small crafts are leaving Mother-ships that orbit Earth. Players and members of the different Credans are buzzing around Earth, flying over all the major cities. They are excited for Pyramista to start. It has been many years since they have played the game here on Earth. They are making their way to the Great Pyramid. Deep under the Pyramid lays the Grand Chamber where Pyramista is played. The humans can not see or hear the crafts as they buzz around Earth. One craft is flying over a remote countryside when one of it’s cloaking devices fails for about ten seconds. Two humans are working in a field and see a flash of the craft.
“Did you see that?” one of humans says, looking frightened.
“I don’t know. I think is was a UFO,” says the other. Just another UFO sighting. There’s always more sightings when the Sapian return. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s alright because it can be used for playing Pyramista. The Credan’s playing the game this time are the Zeus and Aphrodite Credans. The Zeus Credan are the points leaders. This could be the last round and Pyramista will come to an end. As the Sapian slowly make their way to the Grand Chamber, there is great anticipation and excitement. Everyone is celebrating as the chamber fills with spectators. A craft silently rovers over the Great Pyramid and descends down into the chamber. As the craft touches the Pyramid, it seems to melt.