-From the Beginning there was Pyramista until the End-

The Sapian are a highly advanced race of humanoids that have been exploring the universe for thousands of years. Searching for planets to play a game they call Pyramista. Like chess pieces on a board they are playing a game with our life's. The homo sapiens or humans are the mutant offspring of the Sapian. The Sapian placed the mutants on Earth and viewed the humans as pawns to use for their amusement. For all these many years the Sapian fed knowledge, manipulated, and used the humans to play the game Pyramista. The game Pyramista is the history of the humans life on Earth and to win the Sapians will influences the humans to destroy Earth. Now Pyramista is drawing to an end with the total destruction of Earth and the humans are doomed for extinction. Many years ago, unknown to the Sapian there was a human born on Earth that is half Sapian. He has the same knowledge and abilities as the Sapian and knows what the Sapian are playing. He has been trying to stop Pyramista for many years. Now he has developed a way to influence the humans and spread peace to save the humans or is it to late.

How will Pyramista end?

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Written and illustrated by Dan McGibbon

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